The New England Orienteering Club

Baldwin Hill, Ashburnham, MA
May 5, 2024
Meet Director: Kristin Hall

The beautiful sunshine came a day too early, but we still had many orienteers, unafraid of the morning drizzle, come out to enjoy the woods.  With one hand in a cast, the meet director was hugely appreciative of all the volunteers. Many thanks to Doug Sevon for arranging permission, Lex and Pete Bundschuh for hanging streamers and vetting courses; Erin Hall for assisting with White and Yellow course planning; Paige Williams, Michael Hughes, and Phil Bricker for hanging controls; Rick Cinclair, Dorina Nimigean, Masha Bloom, Sylvie Guichard, Judy Karpinski, and Jackson Codd for help with registration; Mark O'Connell, Jim Paschetto, Michael Cooper, and Xevi Fradera for runing the computer; and J-J Cote, Kate deBlonk, Joe Usoff, Erik Tamre, and Rick Cinclair for collecting controls and packing everything up (in the rain).

And thanks to the landowners/managers: DCR, Mass WildLife, and the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District for permitting orienteering on their land.

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